Iraq topographic maps

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Iraq > Al-Basra Governorate

Basra, Al-Basrah Central Subdistrict, Al-Basrah District, Al-Basra Governorate, 00110, Iraq

Average elevation: 4 m


Iraq > Diyala Governorate

Baqubah, Ba'quba Central Subdistrict, Ba'quba District, Diyala Governorate, 32010, Iraq

Average elevation: 45 m


Iraq > Al-Anbar Governorate

Fallujah, Al-Falujah Central Subdistrict, Al-Falujah District, Al-Anbar Governorate, 31002, Iraq

Average elevation: 49 m

Tel Kaif District

Iraq > Nineveh Governorate

Tel Kaif District, Nineveh Governorate, Iraq

Average elevation: 346 m


Iraq > Dhi Qar Governorate

Nasiriyah, Al-Nasiriyah Central Subdistrict, Al-Nasiriyah District, Dhi Qar Governorate, 64002, Iraq

Average elevation: 5 m

Second Al-Sadr Municipality

Iraq > Baghdad Governorate > Baghdad

Second Al-Sadr Municipality, Baghdad, Al-Nura Subdistrict, Second Al-Sadr District, Baghdad Governorate, 10057, Iraq

Average elevation: 37 m


Iraq > Kirkuk Governorate

Kirkuk, Kirkuk Central Subdistrict, Kirkuk District, Kirkuk Governorate, 36001, Iraq

Average elevation: 383 m


Iraq > Baghdad Governorate > Baghdad > Ur

Ur, Al-Sha'ab Municipality, Baghdad, Al-Fahamah Subdistrict, Al-Adhamiyah District, Baghdad Governorate, Iraq

Average elevation: 37 m


Iraq > Saladin Governorate > Tikrit

Tikrit, Tikrit Central Subdistrict, Tikrit District, Saladin Governorate, 34001, Iraq

Average elevation: 111 m

Umm Qasr

Iraq > Al-Basra Governorate > Umm Qasr

Umm Qasr, Umm Qasr Subdistrict, Al-Zubair District, Al-Basra Governorate, 61011, Iraq

Average elevation: 12 m

Hayy al-Auropa

Iraq > Nineveh Governorate > Mosul

Hayy al-Auropa, Mosul, Mosul Central Subdistrict, Mosul District, Nineveh Governorate, Iraq

Average elevation: 253 m

Tigris River

Iraq > Iraqi Kurdistan

Tigris River, Iraqi Kurdistan, 34001, Iraq

Average elevation: 760 m


Iraq > Baghdad Governorate

Baghdad, Al-Karkh Central Subdistrict, Al-Karkh District, Baghdad Governorate, Iraq

Average elevation: 36 m

Iraqi Kurdistan

Iraq > Iraqi Kurdistan

Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, Iraq

Average elevation: 886 m


Iraq > Erbil Governorate

Erbil, Erbil Central Subdistrict, Erbil District, Erbil Governorate, Iraqi Kurdistan Region, 44001, Iraq

Average elevation: 462 m


Iraq > Iraqi Kurdistan > Kawnabak

Kawnabak, Aqrah District, Dohuk, Iraqi Kurdistan, Iraq

Average elevation: 427 m


Iraq > Diyala

Diyala, Iraq

Average elevation: 343 m

Al Therthar Lacke

Iraq > Saladin

Al Therthar Lacke, Saladin, Iraq

Average elevation: 44 m

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