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Name: Budapest topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Budapest, Central Hungary, Hungary (47.34969 18.92511 47.61315 19.33493)

Average elevation: 171 m

Minimum elevation: 89 m

Maximum elevation: 556 m

The wide Danube was always fordable at this point because of a small number of islands in the middle of the river. The city has marked topographical contrasts: Buda is built on the higher river terraces and hills of the western side, while the considerably larger Pest spreads out on a flat and featureless sand plain on the river's opposite bank. Pest's terrain rises with a slight eastward gradient, so the easternmost parts of the city lie at the same altitude as Buda's smallest hills, notably Gellért Hill and Castle Hill.

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Hungary > Csongrád-Csanád County > Szeged

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Lake Velence

Hungary > Pákozd

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Pest megye


Monori járás, Pest megye, Central Hungary, Hungary

Average elevation: 149 m