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Djibouti (11.81460 42.84531)

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Name: Djibouti topographic map, elevation, relief.
Coordinates: 10.91495 41.77131 12.79231 43.65790
Minimum elevation: -13 m
Maximum elevation: 2,272 m
Average elevation: 328 m


Djibouti is situated in the Horn of Africa on the Gulf of Aden and the Bab-el-Mandeb, at the southern entrance to the Red Sea. It lies between latitudes 11° and 14°N and longitudes 41° and 44°E, at the northernmost point of the Great Rift Valley. It is here in Djibouti that the rift between the African Plate and the Somali Plate meet the Arabian Plate, forming a geologic tripoint. The tectonic interaction at this tripoint has created the lowest elevation of any place in Africa at Lake Assal, and indeed, the second lowest depression on dry land found anywhere on earth (surpassed only by the depression along the border of Jordan and Israel).

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